Whole Grains? Whole Wheat? Sprouted Grains? What Should You Choose?

One of the top questions I get in my job is related to the many different varieties of grains and which one you should choose (aka which is the healthiest option). The nutrition labeling with bread can definitely be classified as confusing as well as difficult for customers to decipher. I am hoping this blog … Continue reading Whole Grains? Whole Wheat? Sprouted Grains? What Should You Choose?

Lets Talk about Chia Seeds

Functional foods with multiple health benefits are all the rage these days. The use of food as thy medicine is growing (which is wonderful) but sometimes people don't actually know the health claims behind their favorite functional foods. Dietitians are working to providing education to those who may not know as much about food and … Continue reading Lets Talk about Chia Seeds

The Bulletproof Coffee Trend

What is it? Created by Dave Asprey (a technology entrepreneur and businessmen) Bulletproof Coffee, which contains three ingredients: unsalted grass-fed butter, Brain Octane oil (extracted from coconut and palm kernels), and coffee made with mold-free, lab-tested beans, has health claims that include curbing hunger, burning more fat, weight loss, and optimizing brain function. Asprey Claims: The … Continue reading The Bulletproof Coffee Trend

Why I Switched from Coffee to Tea

I was a complete coffee addict, I HAD to have it every morning and if I did not drink my cup of coffee than I was grumpy, irritable, and most likely I had a killer headache. Although coffee has proven health benefits that I will list below, I didn't like the attachment I had to … Continue reading Why I Switched from Coffee to Tea

Herbs and Spices for Health

Herbs & spices add flavor to cooking without adding salt, excess fat and artificial chemicals additives. Using herbs to flavor food is especially recommended for people watching their sodium intake and wanting to avoid adding high salt seasoning blends to meals. They also contain health benefits that not many people are familiar with due to their vitamin, … Continue reading Herbs and Spices for Health

A Registered Dietitians Top 5 Favorite Foods

In no particular order, I will disclose my TOP five favoriteeee foods. Not all of them are healthy or filled with nutrients that have life-saving benefits but that is because you have to have moderation and balance in your diet. I do not know one Registered Dietitian (RD) who doesn't have cheat meals and splurge … Continue reading A Registered Dietitians Top 5 Favorite Foods

Easy Party Recipes. 

As a Dietitian I never want to bring horribly unhealthy items to holiday parties, baby showers, or bridal showers but the veggie tray never really gets eaten so I improvised with these two recipes that may not be the healthiest but did at least include artichoke, spinach, and tomatoes which all have health benefits. These … Continue reading Easy Party Recipes. 

Flexitarian Diet and the Research Behind It

Recently I have been asked about my thoughts on the up and coming Flexitarian Diet, I thought this was another great opportunity to share with you guys (who might have similar questions about this new diet term). "A flexitarian or semi-vegetarian diet (SVD) is one that is primarily vegetarian with the occasional inclusion of meat or … Continue reading Flexitarian Diet and the Research Behind It

Does Processed Always Mean Stay Away?

  Does Processed = bad? Not Always ________________________________ Processed food tends to be viewed in a negative light, but the bad press isn’t always deserved. While some processed foods contain items that we should be limiting for better health, some are actually very good choices. What Does Processed Mean? Processing is a huge category that includes … Continue reading Does Processed Always Mean Stay Away?