Nutrition Tips for Shopping Wisely (aka be a smart shopper!)

Meal planning is the key to fitting nutritious and enjoyable meals into your busy schedule. Here are some simple steps or making sure what you buy in the grocery store translates into balanced meals for you and your family. Stay Organized. Create a master grocery list of your basic (staple) foods that you always need to have on … Continue reading Nutrition Tips for Shopping Wisely (aka be a smart shopper!)

Dietary and Herbal Supplements

My sister had some questions for me about herbal supplements and the benefits vs. cons of them. Are they really worth the money? Will they really benefit me? Here is my low down on three of the new "superfoods." Disclaimer: I always recommend that if you are on multiple prescription medications that you consult with … Continue reading Dietary and Herbal Supplements

Frequently Asked Questions.

As a Registered Dietitian in the Clinical setting I am bombarded with random nutrition questions all day long. The questions could range from weight loss to resveratrol, from what is a carbohydrate to how much potassium should I consume a day? Because of the wide array of nutrition questions I answer daily,  I decided that I … Continue reading Frequently Asked Questions.