Day Two Food Log of a Dietitian

Here we go, continuing with me being transparent and honest in EVERYTHING I eat this week. Another disclaimer.. I get free meals at work so sometimes when there is something crazy unhealthy on my food log, I will bet its due to it being the only option at work. Who isn't a fan of free … Continue reading Day Two Food Log of a Dietitian

Flexitarian Diet and the Research Behind It

Recently I have been asked about my thoughts on the up and coming Flexitarian Diet, I thought this was another great opportunity to share with you guys (who might have similar questions about this new diet term). "A flexitarian or semi-vegetarian diet (SVD) is one that is primarily vegetarian with the occasional inclusion of meat or … Continue reading Flexitarian Diet and the Research Behind It

Healthier Take-On Apple Crumble

I made this recipe tonight and I couldn't not share it! It was so delicious and satisfying without large amounts of heavy cream or sugar that most desserts call for. The husband approved too! And as every dietitian says... dessert is still allowed as long as its in moderation and not all the time! The … Continue reading Healthier Take-On Apple Crumble