one on one coaching       One-On-One Nutrition Counseling Session

Initial Consultations
Timeframe: (60 minutes)

Initial consultations include discussing past medical history, past and current health habits, wellness goals and expectations. I will provide you with attainable nutrition goals, personalized nutrition and lifestyle tips, product recommendations, recipes,  and meal and snack ideas that fit your routine.

*For any Medical Nutrition Therapy needs including but not limited to – diabetes, cardiac health, celiac, crohns, diverticulitis, etc. I provide professional nutrition education handouts to go alongside other materials that are deemed appropriate.

Add On: If you would like an individualized meal plan to go along with counseling services then please bring this up during initial consultation. I offer a 1-week individualized meal plan or a 1-month individualized meal plan including 3-meals/day + 2-3 snacks/day at an additional cost.

follow up iconFollow-Up Consultations

Timeframe (30 minutes)

Follow up consultations will be used to check in on your goals, address any questions or concerns, and determine how we need to tweak the plan or focus in on making your lifestyle changes sustainable.

cutting board iconGrocery Store Tour

**(for those who live near Augusta, GA)
Timeframe: (60 minutes)

Interested in how you can shop like a Registered Dietitian? I can teach your how to navigate your way through the store, read nutrition labels, and find ingredients that you need for a healthy and balanced diet for any size family!

cutting board icon


Babyledweaning or Breastfeeding Support 

Timeframe: you choose how long you need!

Interested in using the BLW approach? I can teach you basic Do’s/Don’ts of BLW and give you step by step recommendations for how to successfully introduce your child to solids. Having issues with breastfeeding? Let me help you trouble shoot and provide personalized recommendations for ensuring success on your breastfeeding journey.



I do not accept insurance. At this time I do not work with insurance companies but hopefully I will be able to offer this in the future.
Individual sessions will be conducted via phone, or, if desired, in person (in Evans or Augusta, GA). 
I meet with clients 7 days/week, hours vary by day. Contact me if you are interested in setting up an appointment.