Individualized Nutrition and LActation Services for babies and Toddlers

Individualized packages and consultations can be requested by contacting

Infant and Toddler Nutrition Consult

45 Minute Infant Nutrition Consult, Cost: (110.00)

Completed virtually

This includes obtaining brief medical history of mother and baby, assessing for any feeding issues via video assessment and email with suggestions and resources post consult.

Reasons you may need an infant nutrition consult:

  • Concern with baby gaining too much or too little
  • Introducing solids and not sure where to start
  • Concern with baby not eating much
  • Picky eating with toddlers
  • Nutrient deficiencies in infants and how to overcome
  • General guidance on how to create a healthy eating pattern from the start

Pediatric dietitians know how to do a comprehensive growth and development assessment. They can also review and decipher labs (blood work). A pediatric dietitian will likely obtain weights, heights, measurements, and utilize growth charts.

This is an investment for your baby, don’t let finances get in the way of making sure your child is provided with optimal nutrition from the start. 

Breastfeeding Consult

45 Minute Lactation Consult, Cost: ($98.00)

Completed Virtually

This includes obtaining brief medical history of mother and baby, assessing for any breastfeeding issues via video consult or in-home consultation (increased fee for in-home visits), and email with suggestions and resources post consult.

Reasons you may need a breastfeeding consult:

  • Milk Supply Problems
    • Not enough milk
    • Too much milk
  • Fussy baby
  • Concerns With Baby’s Weight
    • Fast weight gain
    • Slow weight gain
  • Latch difficulty
  • Forceful let-down
  • Nipple or breast pain
  • Repeated clogged ducts or mastitis
  • Unsure if baby is feeding adequately
  • If you just feel like breastfeeding should be easier!

Additional sessions may be recommended if needed.

This is an investment for yourself and the long-term health of your baby, don’t let finances get in the way of reaching your breastfeeding goals. 

Speaking Engagements

Price Varies, Individualized Packages

Cinthia Scott RD LLC offers speaking engagement programs for corporate lunch-and-learns, medical clinics, universities, high schools, health fairs, church groups, mom groups, breastfeeding support groups, and more.

Contact For More Information and Scheduling.

infant Nutrition Help-Line

Cost: $20.00, 15 Minute Call

Completed Virtually

Generalized support for any breastfeeding or infant nutrition questions you may have from a pediatric RD and certified lactation counselor.

Common questions that can be asked:

What foods should I provide baby when starting solids?

What foods should I avoid when starting solids?

Can I eat these foods while breastfeeding?

How frequently should I be pumping at work?

And so much more!

Back to Work Pumping Plan

Cost: $50.00, 20-Minute Call

Completed Virtually

Stressed about going back to work? Did you know the statistics of moms who wean when going back to work are incredibly high?

If you choose to continue to breastfeed when returning to work, I can help you!

What this package includes:

20 Minute 1-1 Phone Call: We go over all the questions you may have about maintaining milk supply when returning to work and and I can learn all about your back-to-work plan to create an individualized plan for you!

Individualized Pumping Schedule: created to fit your life and work schedule perfectly. This schedule will tell you how often you need to pump depending on your littles ones age and milk intake.

-Extra Resources (all printable handouts): 
1. Tips to Maintaining Milk Supply When Away from Baby
2. Tips to Ensure Flanges are Fitted Correctly
3. Guidelines on Cleaning and Replacing Pump Parts 
4. Pumping Bag Essentials
5. Guidelines for Storing Breast Milk

I love to help set working moms up for success!


Cinthia is a wealth of knowledge and encouragement!! She has walked me through many healthy food choices before, during and after my pregnancy!! She has been my go to for starting my little one on solids as well!! I feel confident in the suggestions she gives and definitely feel like she’s got my best interest at heart. She is willing to answer a million questions and is able to back it up with research!! She never makes you feel judged and her ability to encourage you is refreshing!!

Jamie G.

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