1 Week Food Log of a Dietitian

ATTENTION, ATTENTION! What do dietitians eat?

After many requests for meal plans this week and not enough time in my life to attend to these requests I decided to document my 24-hour intake daily for a week and post it for everyone to view!

Disclaimer: my diet is anything but perfect, I have treats too much at night and sometimes I forget to eat meals due to the hectic schedule at work but I do for the most part focus on balance, moderation, clean eating, and plant-based meals. I hope giving you a glimpse into my life will help you feel motivated to eat healthier but also allow yourself to enjoy your food (and cheat every now and then). A successful diet is one that doesn’t restrict but focuses on the addition of nutrient-rich foods that promote health benefits. If a dietitian allows herself to slip up every now and then, so can you! Recipes that I used are listed below the food log! Stay-tuned for my next day of food journaling tomorrow!

Monday 12/04ย Log Below:

Time Food Serving Size
6am Overnight oats 1 cup
6am Banana 1 banana
6am Coffee 1 cup
6am Peppermint Creamer 1 tablespoon
9:30am Green Tea 1 cup
9:30am Raw, Unsalted Almonds 1 handful (1/2 cup)
11:00am Cliff Bar (Peanut Butter Crunch) 1 bar
11:00am Pumpkin Seeds 1 handful (1/2 cup)
9:30-12:00am Water 2 cups
3:30pm Green Tea 1 cup
4:00pm Vegetable Soup 1 ยฝ cups
4:00pm Mango ยฝ mango
4:00pm Grapes 1 handful
6:30pm Kettle Style Potato Chips 1 handful -4 ounces
6:30pm Nestle Drumstick Ice-Cream Cone 1 cone
12:00pm-7:00pm Water 3-4 cups



Vegetable Soup Recipe

Overnight Oats


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