A Registered Dietitians Top 5 Favorite Foods

In no particular order, I will disclose my TOP five favoriteeee foods. Not all of them are healthy or filled with nutrients that have life-saving benefits but that is because you have to have moderation and balance in your diet. I do not know one Registered Dietitian (RD) who doesn’t have cheat meals and splurge on high-calorie treats every now and then. A diet that you can sustain throughout your whole life is the key to healthy living and healthy eating. So like I said, these are my top picks!

  1. Skinny Pop. skinny-pop-logo@2x

Reasons I love it: obviously because its super tasty and I don’t feel guilty eating excessive amounts of it while I am binge watching Netflix series (like stranger things and how to make a murder – favs). I love that the company used sunflower oil to flavor the popcorn instead of butter as well as the product being low calorie, no trans fat, and still full of flavor. Add it to the grocery store list and skip out on the higher calorie move-theater butter popcorn, you will not be disappointed.


2. Brownie Brittle. 

Okay, so this is a brand new favorite food because I just bought it from the grocery store  and it legit blew my mind. SO SO SO delicious, it is a perfect treat post meal-time and it’s chocolaty goodness doesn’t disappoint. A serving size (1 ounce) contains only 120 calories and 4 g of fat which isn’t bad compared to other desserts or treats that you could be picking instead. Super crispy and decadent, A-plus from this Dietitian (also pairs fabulously with some chardonnay).



I bet you couldn’t find one Dietitian who doesn’t love this oh-so-delicious fruit. I could pretty much top any food with avocado and I am sure it would taste great. I love how filling they are and that they are full of the “healthy” fats. The minerals and oils that Avocados contain are also proven to be great for hair and skin health. I love to add avocados to smoothies or just cut them up and eat plain (maybe with a little salt on top).


4. Almonds.

I am starting to see the trend, I like super calorie dense foods that are filling and keep me from becoming “hangry” throughout the day. I love packing little snack-bags of almonds and leaving them on my desk at work and in the car. Almonds are an excellent source of manganese, magnesium, and Vitamin E. They are considered a good source of fiber and because of their high monounsaturated fat content they aid in reducing LDL cholesterol (the bad cholesterol).


5. Mango’s. 

Last but not least! Another one of my favorites are Mango’s, they are so juicy and overflowing with flavor. They are filled with antioxidants  and contain over 20 vitamins and minerals. I love adding them on top of oatmeal in the morning but mostly I just eat them plain. The best purchase you could ever make is to buy a mango-slicer off Amazon, they make it so easy to cut the sometimes unusual shaped fruit!

What are some of your favorite foods?I would love to hear and expand my own favorite foods list with some ideas from others!

-Cinthia Scott, RD, LD, CNSC

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