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Achieving your personal wellness goals can be easy, fun, and life-changing! Not miserable, restrictive, and full of guilt. Diets are not a necessity for you to feel and look better. Listening to your body and understanding your hunger cues paired with wholesome foods from ALL food groups can be your road to success. Living a healthy lifestyle is a journey, it does not come through a 30-day detox or a restrictive diet plan. It is my goal to teach clients how to create excellent nutrition and lifestyle habits that if exercised consistently will lead to the healthy lifestyle they have always wanted. Lastly, every person is different (isn’t that amazing?) which means that everyone’s nutrition plan is individualized for their body. There is no one diet that fits all and it is my passion to help my clients find their perfect nutrition plan.cindy logo


“Cinthia has been a great help to me. She’s made wonderful suggestions of fast, easy lunches for on the go work. Her recommendations consider my dietary needs of dairy free! Cinthia’s help is always evidence-based and considers the latest research. She is simply wonderful!” – Caitlin H.
“Cinthia is a wealth of knowledge and encouragement!! She has walked me through many healthy food choices before, during and after my pregnancy!! She has been my go to for starting my little one on solids as well!! I feel confident in the suggestions she gives and definitely feel like she’s got my best interest at heart. She is willing to answer a million questions and is able to back it up with research!! She never makes you feel judged and her ability to encourage you is refreshing!!” – Jamie G. 
“Cinthia is a wonderful nutrition resource! She provides information in a way that is easy to understand and makes you feel encouraged to take the steps to improve your food choices. I never felt judged or overwhelmed by her recommendations which is so important. Reach out to her with your questions and you won’t be sorry!” – Amber C.


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