Cinthia s.


As a registered dietitian, certified lactation counselor, certified nutrition support clinician, and a mother of a 20 month old little man I am passionate about starting babies and toddlers out with optimal nutrition. I offer starting solids consults as well as breastfeeding consults so that you can lower your child’s risk for health issues later on in life by providing them with an excellent nutrition framework from the start. I work with clients from the newborn stage to adulthood and I would love to chat and see if we would be compatible working together too! I offer free 15-minute discovery phone consults to determine to ensure that I can meet your needs and we would be compatible working together, you can book a phone consult here: Book 15-Minute Free Phone Consult

For Adults: Achieving your personal wellness goals can be easy, fun, and life-changing! Not miserable, restrictive, and full of guilt. My practice focuses on learning to listen to your body and understanding your hunger cues paired with consuming wholesome foods from ALL food groups as your road to success. Living a healthy lifestyle is a journey, it does not come through a 30-day detox or a restrictive diet plan. It is my goal to teach clients how to create excellent nutrition and lifestyle habits that if exercised consistently will lead to the healthy lifestyle they have always wanted. Lastly, every person is different (isn’t that amazing?) which means that everyone’s nutrition plan is individualized for their body. My passion to help my clients find their perfect nutrition plan.


“Cindy is amazing!! She was such a huge help to my little girl and I with breastfeeding struggles! Not only did she give me incredibly helpful suggestions (like a new breastfeeding position to try which ended up working great!) but she was also super encouraging which as a brand new mom I really needed to hear! If you are struggling with breastfeeding in the least you have to reach out to Cindy—she is passionate about what she does and it shows!” – Danielle E.